Conversion table for throughput speeds

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* SI values are calculated using the Internation System of Units
  BI values are calculated using Binary Units.
  Binary units are prefered by operating systems

File Size Bandwidth Calculator

Determine how long it will take to transfer a file at each connection speed
File Size

Type of Connection bits per second hours : minutes : seconds
14.4 kbps 14,400 bps
28.8 kbps 28,800 bps
33.6 kbps 33,600 bps
56 kbps 56,000 bps
64K ISDN 64,000 bps
128K ISDN 128,000 bps
640K-DSL 640,000 bps
1.54M T1/1.5-DSL 1.5 Mbps
T3/DS3 45 Mbps
(3 DS-3, 84 DS-1, 2016 DS-0)
156 Mbps
(12 DS-3, 336 DS-1, 8064 DS-0)
(48 DS-3, 1008 DS-1, 24192 DS-0)
2488 Mbps